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New action group for Curo ethnic minority communities



Approximately 14% of our customers identify as being from Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic communities. We want to ensure that all our services are accessible and designed around the needs of all our customers - by joining this new action group you can help us to do this.

One of the first jobs for members will be to come up with a name for the group that's welcoming and inclusive of all ethnic minority communities. The group will have up to 15 members, with a re-election period every two years, and will meet four times a year: online and face-to-face.

At Curo we carry out equality impact assessments (EIAs) when considering changes to policy or large-scale projects. We want your opinions and feedback about these through this group.

This group will hear from different teams across Curo and review a sample of EIAs each time they meet so that their views, culture and life experiences can help us provide further information and evidence to better understand how our services can be adapted to be accessible for all.

This group will also provide a safe space for you to come and talk with fellow members.

Interested in joining our new action group?

Email voicebox@curo-group.co.uk or complete our form below.

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