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Home Improvement Review Forum



Are you insightful and able to see things in new ways? Are you able to make practical, usable suggestions to Curo?

Are you keen to find out how we manage our Great Properties and Places investment programme? Are you interested in how we deliver home improvements (kitchen, bathroom, window, doors, electric and gas heating) upgrades? How we improve our communal areas? Are you interested in our customer consents? Does our Disability Facilities grant process appeal to you? We'd like you to get involved and help us.

If you are interested in working with us to continually improve how we manage our works and provide the best possible customer experience and journey, we would love to hear from you!

As a member you'll:

  • Hold joint staff and panel discussions with Curo's Home Improvements Managers, Surveyors and Administrative Support Team on previous Home Improvement processes including timeframes, customer communications and customer options.
  • Come to an agreement on whether the processes we take are in line with policy and procedure and that Curo are fair and appropriate in their process and responses.
  • Share evidence-based recommendations on process improvements and customer journey maps.
  • Advise on amendments to policy and procedural documents for future reviews.


    To register your interest you can send us an email expressing your interest to VoiceBox, or fill in our simple online form below.

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