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Join one of our groups and forums.


Become a member of VoiceBox and provide valuable feedback from the comfort of your sofa.

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Oversight Group

Work as a team to analyse performance and customer feedback from across the business to direct future scrutiny activities.

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Scrutiny Group

Parachute into the business to review a specific service area and provide ideas for improvement.

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Customer Focus

Be a part of a focus group on a specific service Curo delivers.

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Complaints Review Forum

Help us to test our complaints process in the complaints review forum.

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Disability Action Group

If you have a disability, share your experience with us at the Disability Action Group.

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If you are an older person, discuss issues and topics around our older persons services at SHOP – ‘sheltered housing for older people.

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Estates Partnership Board

Review performance and help us improve our local estates services on the Estates Partnership Board.

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