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COVID-19: Although Government restrictions eased on 19 July 2021, we're not making any immediate changes. Further information here

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Residents' Conference handy documents



If you are looking for any additional information about something you watched in our digital Residents' Conference, you'll find it here.

Looking after your estate 10:10-10:55am

Great Places 10:55-11:20am

Repairing your home 11:20am-12:00pm

Home Safety 12:00-12:20pm

Work Wise 1:30-1:50pm

Money, benefits and your Curo rent account 1:50-2:20pm

Tenancy Matters 2:20-2:40pm

We follow strict COVID regulations when delivering our programmes, which include following social distances guidelines. Please note due to the additional safety measures we have put in place, delivery timescales of our upgrades may be increased.

Anti-social behaviour 2:40-3:15pm

24 hour customer service 3:15-3:55pm

Involving you 3:55-4:30pm

Customer Resolution Podcast

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