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Visiting your home: Keeping everyone safe during COVID-19



To help keep our customers and colleagues safe, if we need to visit your home to carry out work here's what we promise to do, and what we ask of you:

Our promise to you:

  • We will travel alone to your home
  • We will always carry our Curo ID card
  • We will call before we visit and ask permission to enter your home
  • Work will be carried out by one colleague where possible
  • We will wear personal protective equipment (PPE) where needed and will wash our hands and work surfaces
  • We will observe the two-metre social distancing rule while in your home

And what we ask of you:

  • Observe the two-metre social distancing rule while we are in your home - if we are carrying out work in your home please remain in another room if possible
  • Please clear any household and personal belongings away from the work area before we arrive
  • Open your windows to ventilate your property
  • Leave all internal doors open to minimise contact with door handles
  • Wear a face covering while our colleague is in your home. If you do not have face covering, we will be able to provide one

For further updates please visit www.curo-group.co.uk/COVID19

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