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Our Customer Commitment & customer service standards



Our commitment to our tenants

Our ambition is to provide a great customer experience to all our customers - an experience based upon our contractual obligations to you and your contractual rights. We’ll do this by providing services that are fair, consistent, transparent, valued by customers and flexible enough to take account of individual requirements.

We developed our Customer Commitment with our customers. It sets our commitments and what we expect from them in return.

Looking after your estate

Here's the deal - a summary of our standard tenancy agreement

Contacting Curo

Every time you contact us we want it to be a good experience. Our customer service standards tell you more about the range of services we offer and the standards you can expect us to achieve.

When you contact us:

  • We respond promptly
  • We greet you and tell you our name
  • We personally take responsibility for resolving your enquiry
  • We use plain language that is free from jargon
  • If we can’t provide a full response immediately we’ll explain why and let you know how long it will take

If we visit your home:

  • We try to give you at least 48 hours’ notice of our visit
  • We’ll agree an appointment time with you
  • We’ll wear photo ID that tells you who we are

If you want to give us feedback on our services, good or bad, we’d love to hear from you. We welcome all feedback: it’s one of the ways we improve our services.

We’re always happy to hear that we’ve done something well. We appreciate compliments about our service and the opportunity to share these with colleagues.

And, if you’ve had a bad experience, we’re glad of the chance to put things right. We will listen to what you say, and our objective is to look for ways to put things right.

We want our customers to rate our services as excellent. We will achieve this by consistently doing the right things, right first time, at the time we say.

We want to make it as easy as possible for customers to contact us and get things done. Whenever you contact us we want you to feel that we’ve listened and understood you. If we can’t do something we’ll tell you why.

We’ll measure how well we’re doing by asking customers whether they’d recommend us to their friends and family – we call this our net promoter score (NPS).

We also ask customers how easy it was for them to get the things they need done - we call this our customer effort score.

Your experience when you contact us is driven by our Curo values – these describe the ways we behave:

  • Caring: We care about delivering great customer services
  • Respectful: We listen to people and we respect their differences
  • Open: We are open with our customers
  • Fair: We do the right thing ethically and we treat people fairly
  • Trusting: We trust our colleagues to do their jobs properly

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