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At Curo we manage our own commercial portfolio of shops and offices across Bath, Keynsham, and Radstock. We offer a comprehensive and professional commercial property management service, in conjunction with our residential teams.

Our portfolio is managed commercially. Profits that we make from our commercial lets are reinvested back into providing new affordable homes and improving our existing housing in Bath and the surrounding areas.

Available properties

Please follow this link to take you directly to our Rightmove page.

Alternatively contact us directly on 01225 366000.

If you've just taken over one of our commercial properties and would like a welcome meeting, please click here to book.

Letting process

Once you've located the unit you're interested in, we'll accompany you to a viewing where you'll have the opportunity to review it against your business needs and ask us any questions.

Should you wish to proceed with leasing the unit, we'll draft Heads of Terms (HOTs). In essence, HOTs are the main terms that will feature in the lease such as the parties involved, rent, term, deposit, rent reviews etc.

Once the HOTs have been agreed between us, we can pass the matter to solicitors to completed.


These will be laid out in the lease that you sign. There are a responsibilities for yourselves as tenants and Curo as the landlord. Typical responsibilities for commercial tenants include:

  • Paying rent in accordance with the frequency and manner stated.
  • Paying service charges where billed.
  • Repairs to the internal areas of the unit, along with to the shop front /plate glass.
  • Statutory compliance matters, such as routine fire risk assessments, electrical checks, and gas safety checks.

As the landlord, Curo is responsible for maintenance of the external parts (save for the shop front) and the structure of the building. We'll also visit your premises every six months to check that the property remains compliant and to discuss any matters surrounding payment and the lease, should you have any questions.

Rent reviews

If the lease is for three years or more, the unit will be subject to scheduled rent reviews. These are usually scheduled at intervals of either three or five years. The purpose of a rent review is to allow for periodic adjustment of the rent in accordance with market changes, and this is worked out fairly using evidence from comparable properties.

Break clauses

A break clause is a mechanism by which a lease can be terminated before the term has expired. It is a clause that can be inserted into the lease, and be operated by one or both parties. If both parties can exercise the break option, this is known as a mutual break clause.

Lease renewals & terminations

Approximately 12 months before the lease end date we'll make contact to see if you wish to renew or bring the lease to an end. Once you've let us know, we'll serve you with the relevant notice (Section 25 of The Landlord & Tenant Act 1954). The matter will then go into the hands of the solicitors to complete.

We always recommend getting external legal advice before committing to a commercial lease.

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