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Information Transparency Statement



Curo is committed to being transparent and open in its activities (as set out in the organisation’s Core Values). We recognise that individuals may have a legitimate interest in the way we conduct our business (for example, Curo
residents, our regulators, and contractual partners).

We recognise the legitimate interest of those who are affected by our activities and the way we conduct the business of the Group. This includes, but is not limited to:

a) Residents in Curo properties and their representative bodies;
b) Our colleagues and Directors;
c) Those who want to become residents and those who represent the interests of future residents;
d) Local Authorities and other partners with whom we work;
e) Our regulators;
f) Our contractual partners; and
g) Others living in, or working for the benefit of, the communities where we operate.

We will therefore make available:

a) A wide range of information on an up-to-date website providing information about services provided and the people involved in the business of the Group;
b) The documents and policies we have adopted for running the Group and its subsidiaries, which include but are not limited to Group Organisations’ Constitutions, company registers, codes of conduct and Terms of Reference for Boards and Committees;
c) Annual performance information on the scope and effectiveness of our activities, statutory Company and Financial Statements and Annual Returns;
d) Corporate and business strategies; and
e) Any other organisational information as required by law.

We will make routine information available, as indicated above, in accessible formats and free of charge. Specific requests for additional information may be subject to an administrative charge. We will explain this charge at the time of the request and try and reach a satisfactory arrangement.

We reserve the right to refuse repeated or vexatious requests and/or requests for information in a format which is not readily available. Requests for information are normally handled by the Chief Executive, the Executive Team or the Governance Team. Any Director or colleague approached directly to provide information should refer requests to any of the above unless they can simply by answered by reference to the organisation’s published documents or notices.

Please contact governance@curo-group.co.uk if you require further information.

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