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Our purpose, priorities & values



"As Curo enters a new decade, our strategy will help us to work with our residents and partners to face those external challenges and to deliver our purpose of ‘Homes for Good’."

Curo Chair, Liz Potter, July 2020

  • Our priorities

    We've identified five key priorities which form the basis of our business strategy to 2025:

    1.    Delivering renowned customer service

    We will:

    • i Ensure that customers receive a consistent service in line with Curo’s customer offer
    • ii Provide cost-effective interactive digital channels which become the preferred way for the majority of customers to access services
    • iii Provide a range of ways for residents to engage with Curo, ensuring they are listened to and are able to influence decisions that affect them, their home and their neighbourhood
    • iv Ensure colleagues are highly motivated and have the right attitude, skills and tools necessary to deliver our strategic priorities

    2.    Providing great properties and places

    We will:

    • i Achieve the highest possible levels of building safety in our existing homes
    • ii Ensure our homes are healthy, affordable and warm and reduce their impact on the environment
    • iii Ensure that maintenance and asset management services are good quality, efficient and cost-effective
    • iv Ensure social housing stock, including sheltered housing, is fit for the future and where appropriate is enhanced through regeneration or remodelling
    • v Ensure that communal spaces and community assets are safe and well maintained
    • vi Achieve the targets set for financial and social returns on all types of rented housing

    3.    Supporting independent and successful lives

    We will:

    • i Ensure that independence services are financially sustainable and meet customers’ needs
    • ii Ensure that social investment activities deliver value for money and positive outcomes

    4.    Building high quality new homes

    We will:

    • i Increase our portfolio of affordable rented and affordable home ownership properties
    • ii Create profit from commercial housing activities to fund new subsidised rented housing

    5.    Maintaining a resilient business

    We will:

    • i Manage continuous improvement in operations to release capacity for new subsidised homes and services
    • ii Ensure that commercial and charitable revenues and surpluses grow
    • iii Maintain high levels of health and safety compliance for colleagues and our customers
    • iv Sustain a viable and well-governed business
  • Our values

    Our values are our moral backbone. They describe our style of leadership and the way our people behave. They set standards which we apply directly to the way we run our business, recruit our colleagues, manage our performance and recognise and reward good work.


    • i We care about delivering great customer services
    • ii We treat people as people – warmly, politely and honestly
    • iii We have a culture where people feel valued and are inspired to give their best


    • i We do the right thing ethically
    • ii We treat people decently and consistently
    • iii When we cannot do something we are straightforward about it, and we explain why


    • i We listen to people and respect their differences
    • ii We adjust our services, where possible, to take account of people’s differences and preferences
    • iii When we cannot do this we explain why


    • i We are open with our customers, our colleagues and our partners
    • ii We explain why some things need to remain confidential
    • iii We involve our customers, colleagues and partners so that they can contribute to our work and the plans we make


    • i We trust people to do their jobs properly
    • ii We expect our customers, colleagues and partners to make decisions for good reasons, keep their word and act honestly - like we do

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