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Yes to Homes: more actions



If you agree that we need to be saying Yes to Homes, there are lots of ways you can make a difference:

Tell your local councillors you say Yes to Homes

Local councillors have the power to say Yes or No to building new homes in your community. All too often people who say no are the only people who contact your local councillors. It’s time for everyone who says yes to be heard.

Tell your friends

Ask your friends and neighbours to say Yes to Homes.

The more people who contact their councillors, the more important new homes will become a local issue. Please spread the word.

Go social

Share Yes to Homes via Facebook and Twitter


Tell your neighbours

Put a Yes to Homes poster in your window.

Make your Yes to Homes support visible in your neighbourhood. Put a Yes to Homes poster in your window so that people can see you back new homes.

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