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Meet our customer teams



Here are the teams and departments that Curo residents are most likely to be in touch with. As well as these customer-facing teams, we have teams working in finance, ICT, people management, communications, governance, house-building and business improvement.

Customer Experience directorate

 Customer Contact Team

Our Customer Contact Team, open from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday, is the first point of contact for all customers and is able to answer most customer enquiries right away.

Independent Lives

Our Independent Lives teams provide a wide range of award-winning services that support older and young people to live independently.

Performance & Insight

Our Performance & Insight Team leads on resident involvement; gathers and analyses information about our performance and customer feedback to help Curo continually improve; and ensures that customer concerns are resolved.

Tenancy Services: Commercial Services

Our Commercial Services Team manages all Curo’s leasehold properties and garages as well as commercial properties like shops.

Tenancy Services: Customer Accounts

Our Customer Accounts Team collects Curo's rental income and helps customers to sustain successful tenancies through friendly and expert money advice and support.

Tenancy Services: Lettings & Voids

Our Lettings Team manages the lettings process for our properties, preparing homes to be re-let, and successfully letting to new tenants, ensuring the right tenant has the right home at the right time.

Tenancy Services: Tenancy Compliance

Our Tenancy Compliance Team works to safeguard children and vulnerable adults, and ensures that all our customers can feel safe and well in their homes, taking action against customers who are in breach of tenancy agreements.

Tenancy Services: Tenancy Management

Our Tenancy Management Team helps customers get their tenancies off to a great start and provides continuing support, from mutual exchanges and approving tenancy consent requests to reviewing tenancies and supporting customers when their circumstances change.

Property Services directorate


The Estates Team manages Curo’s estates services including cleaning and grounds maintenance, and works with our communities to ensure that our neighbourhoods and well-kept, clean and tidy.

Properties & Places: Asset Performance

Our Asset Performance Team collects and monitors data relating to our property (assets) from the age and condition of kitchens to the energy efficiency of our buildings, to help us plan work and improvements so our homes remain great places to live.

Properties & Places: Home Improvement

Our Home Improvements Team delivers and monitors the progress of home improvements, from door, roof and window replacements, kitchen, bathroom and heating upgrades, to adaptations to make homes easier to live in.

Properties & Places: Property Compliance

Our Property Compliance Team ensures that all our residents’ homes are safe and comply with all applicable regulations.


Our Regeneration Team plans and manages major programmes to improve our homes and estates through regeneration and refurbishment schemes, working closely with residents.


Our Response Team provides a comprehensive repairs, maintenance and safety service to our customers, with in-house trades expertise including carpentry, plumbing, electrical, groundworks, gas and other specialist works.

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