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Homes for the South West



A distinct voice for housing organisations across the region

Homes for the South West (formerly HAILO) is a group of chief executives of the largest South West-focused housing associations.

In 2010 the Coalition Government introduced a plan for radical overhaul of the welfare system. Homes for the SW commissioned the London School of Economics Housing & Communities research unit to look at whether the new regime has been successful in moving people from benefit dependency into work. Researchers at LSE, led by Professor Anne Power, conducted a series of interviews with 200 social housing tenants in the region.

News stories

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Is welfare reform working?

South West housing study reveals 'the new normal' The London School of Economics (LSE) today publish a new report, ‘Is Welfare Reform Working?’, commissioned by the SW HAILO group of housing associations in the South West of England. Following the government’s radical overhaul of the welfare system, the study looks at whether the new regime has been successful in movi…

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Work and welfare reform

South west lobby group highlight the money problems faced by many in social housing due to welfare reform Research from LSE shows reforms are pushing social housing tenants into poverty Eleven housing associations in the south west, including Curo, have joined forces to tackle the employment issues faced by residents in affordable housing as a direct resu…

Welfare reform in the real world

South west housing associations research the impacts New south west housing lobby group HAILO commissions research by Professor Anne Power at London School of Economics. Eleven housing organisations in the south west have come together to form the lobby group South West Housing Association Influence and Leadership Organisation (HAILO). HAILO has commis…

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