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Curo launch

In June 2012 we wrote to all our customers to explain that we had changed our trading name to Curo. Before that we were known by several different names: Redland, Shape and Somer. Although we had changed our trading name to Curo, until late January we were still officially registered under our old names.

On 28 January 2013 our shareholders officially approved the change of name, and since 11 February 2013 we have been officially called Curo.

We're called 'Curo' - our name comes from the Latin for 'care'.

Becoming Curo has been a massive change for us, and is about much more than a new name. We brought together four organisations and, as Curo, we have promised to make big changes to the way we do things. Changes for the better. We’re putting customers at the heart of everything and look forward to working with you to achieve our vision and to make a positive difference to people and places across the West of England.

We hope that customers have started to experience some of these improvements, but we know we have lots more to do, so we are hard at work making Curo an organisation that provides everyone with an excellent service.

I'm a customer - do I need to do anything differently?

The only change you may need to make is to any payment details that you have. If this does affect you, we will write to you to explain clearly what changes are needed. In the meantime, don’t worry – all existing payments will still reach us through our old names.

You don’t need to worry about changing any legal agreements you have with us either (like tenancy agreements or service contracts). These will remain as they are unless we write to you directly.

All our existing phone numbers and postal addresses are staying the same for now. However we are bringing in some big improvements to the ways you can contact us. These changes promise simpler phone numbers, more convenient opening times, faster response times and more. Keep an eye on our website or like us on Facebook for the latest news on this.

If you have any questions about these changes, please call us on 01225 366000 or email hello@curo-group.co.uk.

Welcome to Curo!

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