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Our vision and mission

In April 2012, we launched our new Strategic Plan which sets out our direction and priorities for the next five years.

Our mission is:

"To make a positive and profound contribution to the neighbourhoods we work in -inspiring and empowering people to succeed in life."

Our vision is that by 2017:

"We will be a modern, customer-driven, ethical business, which makes a positive contribution to people and places."

Our values

Our values are our moral backbone. They describe our style of leadership and the way our people behave. They set ideal standards, which we apply directly to the way we run our business, recruit our colleagues, manage our performance, and recognise and reward good work. Our values are:

  • Caring

  • Fair

  • Respectful

  • Open

  • Trusting


Our priorities

We have set ourselves six key strategic priorities so that we can be clear about where we will invest and where we will focus our efforts. Our strategic priorities are:

  • Creating a renowned customer service culture.
  • Owning great properties and places.
  • Setting up an ethical care and support business.
  • Working for happy, safe, popular neighbourhoods.
  • Helping people who need work.
  • Lobbying for positive social change.

You can read more about our vision, mission, values and priorities in our strategic plan.

Living Equality

Fairness is one of our core values and Living Equality is the approach Curo is taking to make sure we are achieving fairness for all - our customers, our colleagues and everyone who is linked to us.

Read more about Living Equality.

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